50% Cotton I 50% Polyester

Resistance and durability I Cleanable and washable


Natural cork label.



FSC certified

Responsible and sustainable production, from its plantation to its trade


Natural Oil Finish

Use of plant ingredients - safe for humans and animals



Oeko-Tex Standard Certified EcoFoam


Anti allergy properties I Use of natural plant oil I Zero emission of harmful chemicals

Orthopaedic properties I Medium density and hardness

We strongly believe that by working with natural goods and local manufacturers, our work will be authentic and sustainable.


Wood is one love of our lives… its craftsmanship, its smell, its natural singularity…

Embracing modernity, we elected plywood as our main character. Aside from its beauty, this material comes with a great deal of benefits, such as its strength and workability.


We use an oil based finish that emphasizes wood’s elegant look and results in a pleasant to the touch surface. Natural oil also ensures the material’s longevity and allows a very easy DIY surface maintenance.


Regarding our cushions, we chose an eco-friendly foam which guarantees that its production eagers to reduce contamination, and that all anti allergy proprieties are there. In addition, our pillows are orthopedic memory foam.


Our cover fabrics are made from the combination of Cotton and Polyester that assures their durability and easiness in the cleaning process.

Last but not least, and for now only used in small details, you’ll find some cork!

This natural and impossible not to love material, is a symbol of our home countries. We promise to continue to use it and even more often…