Our main goal is to enhance the connection between animals and people through design.

By conceiving carefully designed products with natural materials we create unique furniture pieces for animals that promote their integration in our homes.


In our opinion, most pet products released until now show very little effort in combining functionality and aesthetics. That’s why we think architecture can be of great contribution.

By studying shapes, spatial interaction, light, and materials, we can improve our pets' comfort and serve their way of living.


Throughout our creative process, we embrace both traditional and modern concepts. Our “old school” background makes us extremely concerned with functional design and details, and we put our hearts and hands to achieve excellence.

But also, we happily try to keep up with modern processes of design and production, as well as environmental concerns, as they become more and more mandatory in current times.


That is why in Manimal we choose to apply as much natural and regional materials as we can. We seriously believe that by working with local goods and manufacturers, our work will be authentic, enduring and sustainable.

The story begins with three archipets and a hamster, named Zeca...

The four of us spent a lot of time together working on a great variety of revolutionary projects, which unfortunately were Zeca’s favorite treat…

One day, behind the little one’s back, we came up with an idea to surprise our friend by creating a place in which he could enjoy his daily adventures, and feel proud to call his Home.


Then life happened… sadly Zeca left us, and our first born idea faded into a state of hibernation.  Meanwhile, the three remaining friends went on with their lives, their personal adventures and researches. Until “very recently”, they gathered their knowledge and joint forces once again to revive and develop their once forgotten dream, as they believe it could be the world’s most amazing brand of pet products ever conceived!!!

Hopefully, with your support, we’ll give life to new products very shortly!

...we promise a special tribute to our friend Zeca...



MADE IN between Portugal and Spain